Sergio Morabito

Né à Buenos Aires, Argentine.
École des Beaux Arts de Buenos Aires



“Deserted landscapes, static postures, still-life paintings filled with puzzling objects. Argentinian artist
Sergio Morabito stages in his exhibition “Magma” a universe populated by beings who are essentially
focused on labour and the worship of a mysterious cult in which the recurrent act of creation occupies
a dominant place.
Amidst the acid coloured canvases of imposing dimensions that impart to his work an atmosphere of
mythological cosmogony, unfolds the disturbing spectacle of a society of grave and distant beings who
devote themselves to the solitary and silent shaping of human-like statuette miniatures.
Despite their anthropomorphic appearance, it is difficult to determine whether these creators are
humans themselves or whether they are responsible for the destiny of humans.
Sergio Morabito conceives with disconcerting lucidity a universe of its own, on the fringes of our
empirical reality. A prehistoric laboratory composed of volcanic rocks and volcanic materials situated
in an indefinable hereafter where the human collective subconscious, its archetypes and its belief
system seem to be meticulously forged by this mysterious people of demiurges.
Hardly confined in a logical process, artistic creation is complex. Conscious of this complexity, Sergio
Morabito aims to depict – often by using an ironic approach and sometimes amidst the shadows of a
fatalist impression – what goes beyond our human understanding.
On the edge between the subjective and the objective, the external world and the inner life, Morabito
doesn’t exclude nevertheless what could be personal to him: visual reminiscences of his own culture
that seem to constitute codified intimate memories.”

Nea TandiniHistorienne de l’art